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The 2010 Acura MDX is a mid size crossover SUV which has been upgraded to carry a more refined 3.7L 24 valve SOHC V6 VTEC engine. Perhaps, the most obvious face-lift is its 6 speed automatic transmission system which was absent in earlier models.

Although, its competitors are moving to 7 or 8 speed automatic transmission, but experts claim that Acura MDX never needed one because consumers found its driving capabilities to exceed the performance of competition.


All trim levels get steering wheel mounted paddle shifters which complement standard and sports models by enabling drivers to perform multiple gear downshifts, with ease. The all-wheel driving system offers smooth transition from one level to other, and has been found smoother than most SUV’s. Moreover, the new 2010 Acura is a variant of second generation MDX which has won top safety awards from various car magazines.

Facts & Specifications

For standard models, the price starts at just above $40,000 while a fully loaded vehicle may sell close to $55,000. Like others in its class, fuel efficiency is somewhat on a lower side. Within city, Acura MDX gives 16mpg which increases on highways to 21mpg. Its aerodynamic design features help it accelerate to 60 miles in seven seconds.

From standing position, 2010 Acura MDX can cover one fourth of a mile in mere 15.4 seconds. Despite a sportier version, this SUV is designed to attain a top speed of only 120mph at which handling becomes somewhat irritable. Interestingly, Acura MDX is built to provide comfort rather than speed therefore in normal setting the drive experience is refined, and meets expectation of even the harshest of critics.

Driving Experience

The ultra light steering further augments the driving experience while 18 inch wheels are standard on all new models that can be upgraded to 19 inch. These larger wheels help boost stability on normal cruising speeds. Perhaps, the most interesting fact of 2010 Acura MDX is hordes of advanced features that were missing in earlier models.

These include active cruise control, blind spot detection, and automatic collision mitigating braking. As part of advanced package, Acura MDX also offers larger wheels, climate controlled seats, and upgraded leather upholstery.

Optional Packages

For more curious drivers, the technology package is equipped with even more goodies. For example, its multi-view reverse camera provides top-down view at wide angle in an eight inch infotainment screen which makes it easier to park in congested space. Yet, all base models are also equipped with a single-view reverse camera, but with limited functions.

Additionally, technology package offers voice recognition based system featuring real time traffic updates, weather patterns, bluetooth, USB, and 10 speaker 410 watt audio system. The Ford sync-style function controls individual audio levels of the music library. Similarly, entertainment package offers nine inch screens, and heated seats for rear seat occupants.

Existing owners of Acura MDX will also notice plush interior amenities including LED lightening, thinker steering wheel, and new wood trim. As usual the instrument panel looks more like an airline cockpit, but it should not distract drivers who are fond of great driving experience which has put Acura MDX on the forefront of modern crossover SUV.

The Audi Q7 is the only crossover SUV on offer by German car maker, Volkswagen. It can seat a maximum of seven passengers, and offers 6 speed automatic petrol or diesel engine variants. All standard models come equipped with 3.6 L VR6 FSI engine that can produce 276hp at 6200 rpm.

A recent face lift includes exterior changes such as new lights, wheel designs, chrome accents, updated body styling, and availability of new paint colors. Inside, Audi engineers have refurbished Audi Q7 with new cluster of instrument, new leather seating, ambient door lightening, interior color choice, and an advanced multimedia interface that has been a trademark of Audi vehicles. All US models are now equipped with a SIRIUS traffic system.


Apart from standard engine specifications, Audi Q7 2010 model is also available in a more powerful 4.1 L V8 turbo engine that is able to generate 335hp. Still, most popular among experts is its 3.0 TDI clean diesel engine which can harness 225hp, and 406 lb-ft of torque. This diesel engine can provide approximately 20mpg of fuel efficiency.

Although unconfirmed, some reports have also suggested that new Audi Q7 TDI offers 29mpg at 72.5mph while reducing carbon emission by almost 234g/km. Every model includes a manual shift control maneuvered by a powerful all-wheel-drive system.

Trim Levels

For new buyers, there are four trim levels to choose from. Even the base 3.6 premium trim offers a variety of incentives ranging from leather upholstery, dual zone climate control, and MMI system to a power liftgate. For those who want a SIRIUS navigation and fancy surround sound music system, they will have to opt for an upgraded premium plus trim level.

When it comes to define the term, fully loaded, prestige trim level hits the bulls eye with xenon headlights, and voice activation capability customizable with opt-in features like second row captain’s chair, panoramic sunroof, and adaptive cruise control.

Safety in Luxury

While sitting inside the new Audi Q7, one feels an aurora of luxury protruding from every element of its design. At night time, quality equipment, and control instruments are lit by soothing red light emanating from every corner. Kids will love the choice of third row seating which can also be folded to make room for an impressive 88.7 cubic feet of cargo space.

Specially designed latch system is equipped with ratcheting mechanism that suits all child restraint seats. Furthermore, six airbags include next generation supplemental restraint as well as occupant sensors providing additional head, and chest protection.

Drive Experience

The adjustable air suspension system and all-wheel-drive capabilities offer greater driving control on steep curves. Although, Audi Q7 have been rated highly by consumers, but its fuel efficiency is not going to win it any prizes.

Furthermore, a load of features has made this SUV heavier than some of its counterparts, which also means that drivers should expect bumpier rides on very rough roads. Nevertheless, an impressive choice of amenities combined with quality features makes the new Audi even more attractive than its already popular predecessors.

If you are in the market for an SUV, what car brand are you? If your taste is high class, then you could choose an SUV from the BMW line. BMW is a luxury brand of vehicles with high class features and accessories, making daily rides and long trips pleasurable for the entire riding crew. Let’s review the newest SUV model: 2010 BMW X5 SUV. This review will cover the price range, number of passengers, and the pros and cons of owning this new vehicle.

Models of 2010 BMW X5 SUV
This seven seater passenger SUV is midsize, with model options to appeal to you. The xDrive30i is the lowest model, starting at $47, 600 MSRP, with 260 horsepower. The xDrive 48i is priced at $56,300 MSRP, with 350 horsepower. The xDrive 35d starts at $51, 300 MSRP, with 265 horsepower.

Pros of the X5
This SUV is equipped to please all passengers. The popularity of ipods has inspired BMW to incorporate an integrated system in the vehicle and HD radio is available for clear, static free radio listening, along with Sirius Satellite Radio.

One feature that keeps owners of this 2010 BMW X5 SUV inspired is the heads up display, making anyone’s eyes look again. As the driver, you want to stay alert of what lies ahead for your travels, whether you drive long distances to work everyday or just travel on vacation, the Onboard Navigation System with Traffic Alerts is excellent, and may even help you stay out of harms way.

The security features of the 2010 BMW X5 SUV is one of a kind. In case you get a flat tire, the tires are made to run-flat so that you can drive to your nearest exit, away from busy and dangerous traffic. Adaptive brake lights gives other nearby drivers efficient warning of your attempt to slow down. Do you have trouble parking, whether parallel or standard parking? Use the system on board this X5 to help; called the park distance control for rear and front.

One critical feature that makes this model so safe is its dynamic stability control; a feature that takes over your bad steering when dodging a potential wreck. Safety ratings for this vehicle rank very high, almost a 10 under the USNEWs ranking and reviews.

Cons of the X5 SUV

There are very few cons about this vehicle, as it is made to please with the utmost quality with the driver and passengers in mind. The biggest negative about the X5 is the fuel mileage. Despite the large horsepower, it throws back the fuel economy to only 19 mpg on the xDrive48i, 21 mpg on the xDrive301, and gears up the most on the xDrive25d to 26 mpg.

This makes for many gas stops during the week, especially if you drive long distances to work. The navigation system is not the easiest on the eyes. The color scheme makes it difficult to keep track of the streets.

If money is not the issue and you enjoy driving high class and in luxury, then the 2010 BMW X5 SUV is the perfect choice for you. This vehicle is ready for anybody.

The year 2010 has brought some great options from several car companies relating to their 7 passenger vehicles. Both minivans and SUVs now come in stylish, sleek versions that comfortably seat up to 7 people.

All of the great features that people have come to know and enjoy still are available, but car companies don’t like to be complacent. The engines keep getting bigger and faster, the fuel consumption continues to go down, and the amount of room available inside the vehicle just keeps expanding.

Families that have numerous children or like to travel a lot are the key demographic that car companies are trying to market these minivans and SUVs to, which is why they are including DVD players, surround systems, and many other amenities to keep everybody happy during long rides. Let’s take a look at some of the top 7-passenger vehicles for 2010 and see what they are offering.

2010 Volvo XC90

Volvo’s latest introduction to the market is classified as a mid-size SUV, but don’t let the exterior size fool you. Comfortably seating 7 passengers, the XC90 provides your choice of a six-cylinder engine or a V8. With the V8 package, you also get all wheel drive, which can be great for those winter months or bad thunderstorms. Both styles of this luxurious SUV come with brand new features that make their first appearance in 2010. The six-cylinder model gets a third row of seats and a moonroof, while heated front seats and rain-sensing windshield wipers now come standard on the V8 model. All of this adds up to a great 7-passenger automobile that will provide you with the room and comfort that you need.

2010 Buick Enclave

The Enclave is a brand new addition to the crossover SUV line that GM recently introduced. With a new-look exterior complete with ellipsoid headlights, the Enclave puts Buick in the refined class of SUVs that are not only stylish and sophisticated but also economical. Inside, the second row and third row seats are able to be folded in case extra room is needed for additional storage. With 280-horsepower and a 3.6-liter V6 engine, the Buick Enclave is the perfect mix of power and prestige.

2010 Lincoln MKT

Import brands no longer have the luxury crossover market cornered, as vehicles like the 2010 Lincoln MKT make their ways to showrooms all across the country. With Ford’s brand new EcoBoost six-cylinder engine and an all-wheel drive system that is extremely responsive, Lincoln has put their usually high levels of class into this vehicle. A refrigerated compartment in the second row of seats and Active Park Assist are two more great features that separates the MKT from other competitors in the marketplace. A fixed glass Vista roof on the interior of the vehicle encompasses all of the special elements that this Lincoln brings to the table.

2010 Acura MDX

With great stability, plenty of power, and many technological amenities, the Acura MDX really accentuates what people these days are looking for with 7-passenger vehicles. If you are looking for a luxurious ride, the MDX can provide this with their rearview camera system, Bluetooth and IPod adapter, and navigation system. Going off road with the Acura MDX is also a possibility, as the company has included a brand new six-speed transmission system that is shifted by using paddles that are mounted on the steering wheel. With 83.5 cubic feet of cargo space, the MDX has shown that Acura is serious about producing one of the best 7-passenger vehicles to be offered to consumers.

2010 Audi Q7

Smooth, comfortable driving is just one aspect of the Q7 that really makes it a contender in this class of vehicles. Though the interior is a little smaller than other vehicles listed, it has no problem seating 7 passengers at any one particular time. Three different engine packages are available – a 3.6-liter V6, a 4.2-liter V8, and a 3-liter turbodiesel V6. All three versions of this automobile come with All Wheel Drive capabilities, which allows you to take into harsh conditions without having to worry about safety. The leather seats, climate control system, and power tailgate are just three more of the many features that put the Q7 into a higher class of 7-passenger vehicles.

2010 BMW X5 SUV

With a revised IDrive system that now comes complete with better controls, easier navigation through the menus, and less clutter within the system, the BMW X5 shows that it should be considered a strong competitor in this market. With your choice of six-cylinder and V8 engines, there are plenty of different options available for anyone looking to get a good mix of horsepower and fuel economy. A dual-panel moonroof, 16-speaker audio system, and rearview assist camera all provide owners with the feeling of luxury that they have come to expect from BMW.

2010 Mazda CX-9

A 3.7-liter V6 powers the Mazda CX-9 into the category of being one of the best 7-passenger vehicles this year. While it does not come standard, there is an All Wheel Drive package that allows you to test the limits of the pure unbridled power that the CX-9 gives you. With second and third row seats that both fold down, this Mazda can haul a great deal of cargo or seat a family of 7 comfortably. Wood-tone trim is available in the Grand Touring edition of the CX-9, which also offers leather seats and a leather steering wheel. A great vehicle for a great price, the Mazda CX-9 holds a very special place in this category of automobiles.

While it could potentially be very difficult for consumers to pick a vehicle that they are interested in from the list above, you really cannot go wrong with any of the 7-passenger vehicles that are listed here. All have ample room, powerful motors that can handle most any terrain, and a sense of class and luxury that is unparalleled in similar type SUVs and minivans. The 7-passenger vehicle is quickly becoming a standard offering from most car companies, and the competition will most certainly produce positive results for the consumer.

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