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2010 Acura MDX Review

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The 2010 Acura MDX is a mid size crossover SUV which has been upgraded to carry a more refined 3.7L 24 valve SOHC V6 VTEC engine. Perhaps, the most obvious face-lift is its 6 speed automatic transmission system which was absent in earlier models.

Although, its competitors are moving to 7 or 8 speed automatic transmission, but experts claim that Acura MDX never needed one because consumers found its driving capabilities to exceed the performance of competition.


All trim levels get steering wheel mounted paddle shifters which complement standard and sports models by enabling drivers to perform multiple gear downshifts, with ease. The all-wheel driving system offers smooth transition from one level to other, and has been found smoother than most SUV’s. Moreover, the new 2010 Acura is a variant of second generation MDX which has won top safety awards from various car magazines.

Facts & Specifications

For standard models, the price starts at just above $40,000 while a fully loaded vehicle may sell close to $55,000. Like others in its class, fuel efficiency is somewhat on a lower side. Within city, Acura MDX gives 16mpg which increases on highways to 21mpg. Its aerodynamic design features help it accelerate to 60 miles in seven seconds.

From standing position, 2010 Acura MDX can cover one fourth of a mile in mere 15.4 seconds. Despite a sportier version, this SUV is designed to attain a top speed of only 120mph at which handling becomes somewhat irritable. Interestingly, Acura MDX is built to provide comfort rather than speed therefore in normal setting the drive experience is refined, and meets expectation of even the harshest of critics.

Driving Experience

The ultra light steering further augments the driving experience while 18 inch wheels are standard on all new models that can be upgraded to 19 inch. These larger wheels help boost stability on normal cruising speeds. Perhaps, the most interesting fact of 2010 Acura MDX is hordes of advanced features that were missing in earlier models.

These include active cruise control, blind spot detection, and automatic collision mitigating braking. As part of advanced package, Acura MDX also offers larger wheels, climate controlled seats, and upgraded leather upholstery.

Optional Packages

For more curious drivers, the technology package is equipped with even more goodies. For example, its multi-view reverse camera provides top-down view at wide angle in an eight inch infotainment screen which makes it easier to park in congested space. Yet, all base models are also equipped with a single-view reverse camera, but with limited functions.

Additionally, technology package offers voice recognition based system featuring real time traffic updates, weather patterns, bluetooth, USB, and 10 speaker 410 watt audio system. The Ford sync-style function controls individual audio levels of the music library. Similarly, entertainment package offers nine inch screens, and heated seats for rear seat occupants.

Existing owners of Acura MDX will also notice plush interior amenities including LED lightening, thinker steering wheel, and new wood trim. As usual the instrument panel looks more like an airline cockpit, but it should not distract drivers who are fond of great driving experience which has put Acura MDX on the forefront of modern crossover SUV.

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