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BMW X5 SUV Review

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If you are in the market for an SUV, what car brand are you? If your taste is high class, then you could choose an SUV from the BMW line. BMW is a luxury brand of vehicles with high class features and accessories, making daily rides and long trips pleasurable for the entire riding crew. Let’s review the newest SUV model: 2010 BMW X5 SUV. This review will cover the price range, number of passengers, and the pros and cons of owning this new vehicle.

Models of 2010 BMW X5 SUV
This seven seater passenger SUV is midsize, with model options to appeal to you. The xDrive30i is the lowest model, starting at $47, 600 MSRP, with 260 horsepower. The xDrive 48i is priced at $56,300 MSRP, with 350 horsepower. The xDrive 35d starts at $51, 300 MSRP, with 265 horsepower.

Pros of the X5
This SUV is equipped to please all passengers. The popularity of ipods has inspired BMW to incorporate an integrated system in the vehicle and HD radio is available for clear, static free radio listening, along with Sirius Satellite Radio.

One feature that keeps owners of this 2010 BMW X5 SUV inspired is the heads up display, making anyone’s eyes look again. As the driver, you want to stay alert of what lies ahead for your travels, whether you drive long distances to work everyday or just travel on vacation, the Onboard Navigation System with Traffic Alerts is excellent, and may even help you stay out of harms way.

The security features of the 2010 BMW X5 SUV is one of a kind. In case you get a flat tire, the tires are made to run-flat so that you can drive to your nearest exit, away from busy and dangerous traffic. Adaptive brake lights gives other nearby drivers efficient warning of your attempt to slow down. Do you have trouble parking, whether parallel or standard parking? Use the system on board this X5 to help; called the park distance control for rear and front.

One critical feature that makes this model so safe is its dynamic stability control; a feature that takes over your bad steering when dodging a potential wreck. Safety ratings for this vehicle rank very high, almost a 10 under the USNEWs ranking and reviews.

Cons of the X5 SUV

There are very few cons about this vehicle, as it is made to please with the utmost quality with the driver and passengers in mind. The biggest negative about the X5 is the fuel mileage. Despite the large horsepower, it throws back the fuel economy to only 19 mpg on the xDrive48i, 21 mpg on the xDrive301, and gears up the most on the xDrive25d to 26 mpg.

This makes for many gas stops during the week, especially if you drive long distances to work. The navigation system is not the easiest on the eyes. The color scheme makes it difficult to keep track of the streets.

If money is not the issue and you enjoy driving high class and in luxury, then the 2010 BMW X5 SUV is the perfect choice for you. This vehicle is ready for anybody.

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